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Winterizing Plants

Winterizing Bananas and Palms

Winterizing Bananas and Palms Now is the time to winterize your hardy palms (windmill variety) and bananas. Bananas should always be protected regardless of age or size. Windmill palms should be protected as long as they are still a manageable size to do so. Older, well established tall palms are nearly impossible to wrap but by this stage they are strong enough to withstand our winters.

Winter Mulching – Why It’s A Good Idea

Winter Mulching – Why It’s A Good Idea Winter mulching is one of the smartest ideas to benefit your garden. This one simple task performed in the fall will provide many positive results! Whether you use your own homemade mulch or purchase commercial mulches, the outcome will be the same; reduced need for additional fertilizers, weed and erosion control, soil temperature control, healthy root systems and increased earthworm activity.