We have lots to pick from when it comes to tiny fairies and miniature worlds! Make your garden come to life with magical fairy garden plants, figurines and accessories at Art Knapp. We have pre-made Fairy Gardens and Troll Gardens available in store, or we can guide you on how to DIY as a fun at home project!

DIY Guide:

1. Pick your container

When selecting a container, always keep in mind where you will be putting your new Fairy Garden. Don’t forget that you can reuse something that you already have at home like an old pot, bin, hanging basket, tray or tin. The options are limitless, so consider what size works best for your chosen space.

2. Choose a fairy home and accessories

Over-sized shoe? Log cabin? Birdhouse? Beach chairs? Choosing the fairy’s home sets the theme for the rest of the garden (making your next decisions easier!) Always let your imagination rule. Trust me, your child is going to have quite the imagination, so just go with it. Don’t forget the mini accessories for the lawn or pathway! Mushrooms, stones, gnomes, lampposts, and mailboxes are the little touches you need to complete the look.

3. Map it out

Before planting, gluing and otherwise setting up the garden, either sketch out where things will go on a piece of paper or position items loosely around the container. Visualize. You’ll quickly see whether you have too few or too many items.
4. Location, location, location

Like any garden, what you plant should be based on what thrives in your area. Will your container have full sun all day or will it be a bit damp and shaded? Will it be inside your home or will it be outside?

Don’t let a brown thumb scare you off. Let your kids pick out what looks good to her or him, stick the whole thing in a semi-sunny spot and hope for the best. You can always replant it but note that they are tiny 2 inch plants and don’t need a ton of watering!

5. Accessorize!

What really makes a fairy garden special is the personalized flair that each kid brings to it. Your child might paint little fairy signposts out of Popsicle sticks or toothpicks, while another glues them together to create a mini footbridge. Whether your child picks out accessories to be purchased, or makes them on their own, it’s all fun and a great project filled with learning!

Enjoy your fairy garden or troll garden! We hope to see you soon!