Downtown Vancouver Store

​​1401 Hornby Street, Vancouver 
604 662 3303​


   Please visit us via Beach Ave, then north onto Hornby St. As Hornby St now only has one lane of parking, we wanted to mention that we do reimburse customers who park in the parking lot south of the store for up to 1 hour with any purchase.

   Please bring in half your receipt ticket to the cashier and receive reimbursement with your purchase.


1401 Hornby St. Vancouver BC

1401 Hornby St. Vancouver BC

Downtown Vancouver location




    Our Downtown Vancouver location is a more funky, unique atmosphere located on the Hornby bike lane. It is full of indoor as well as outdoor plants and has a selection of our best fashion products. Come by and check out how the downtown gardener shops!


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Our Services

Design -

We can help create personalized planters with you. We carry a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants that are ideal for container gardening. You can count on us to work hard to create the planter you are looking for. A small fee is additionally charged to account for soil and a bit of labour if we do the re-potting.

Bike Rack -

We have a brand new bike rack at the front of the store, courtesy of the City of Vancouver. Please stop on by with your bike from the new Hornby Bike Lane.

Wagon Rental -

Being in the heart of downtown, many of our customers do not have cars. We have a green wagon that can be borrowed with a credit card deposit or valid Driver's license.

Deliveries -

Small truck delivery is available within Vancouver.


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